Video showcase

Find out how teachers are making an impact on the lives of many through poignant teacher moments.

Matthew Chamberlain - #MyTeacherMoment

Shortland St actor Matthew Chamberlain, who plays Murray Cooper, shares how a slightly tubby, bald teacher from the UK sparked his imagination, and planted the seed to become a successful actor.

Kawhia Chambers - #MyTeacherMoment

Throughout high school Kawhia Chambers didn't have a vision for his future. He was naughty and often in trouble. But when he got to Year 13 a teacher recognised he was struggling and said a few simple words of encouragement that positively changed his attitude forever. She said, "If you use your brain, you'll accomplish anything". The next year after completing high school, he joined the army where he became a rifleman.



Steve Broad - #MyTeacherMoment

X Factor contestant and secondary school teacher Steve Broad is extremely passionate about ensuring his students are not afraid to ask questions, to think critically and engage in discussion. Find out how his passion stems back to a special moment when he was a student at the University of Auckland.  

Sam Bunkall - #MyTeacherMoment

Shortland St actor Sam Bunkall, who plays Boyd Rolleston, didn’t really belong at his high school. He says most of the boys were farmers who played rugby whereas Sam was a “weird, nerdy, artist type person”. Then along came an amazing drama teacher who helped a community of students to feel like they belonged.



Hinerangi Vaimoso - #MyTeacherMoment

Communications Advisor Hinerangi Vaimoso’s most inspiring teacher moment involves a special teacher who made an effort to learn te reo Māori. One day during a lesson about speeches, her teacher Mr Reynolds told the students “Kaua e whakamā” (don't be shy). Hinerangi said it was just a small gesture, but it made a huge impact.

Jessica Weller - #MyTeacherMoment

Jessica had just completed her first practicum at a primary school while studying at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education and Social Work. She left that school with a burning desire to save the world - to save all of the children's worlds. She told her lecturer, "I really want to save the world" and he replied, "you can’t save the world, but you can save someone’s world". Since that special moment, Jess has changed many lives including her own.





Meet some amazing teachers

Watch some of the amazing things our teachers are doing in early childhood, primary and secondary teaching.

Tone Kolose

Meet an inspiring principal who is enabling the students at Manurewa South School to experience life outside of the school grounds.

Kineret Yardena

Join Kineret on a journey of creativity in a classroom that has no boundaries when it comes to innovation.

Raenette Taljaard

Learn how Raenette uses the beat of a drum to help children with complex learning difficulties at Elm Park School.



Ranee Prasad

Find out how Ranee is paying it forward after her own high school teacher encouraged her to become a teacher at Papatoetoe High School.

Daniel Lovatt

Discover Daniel’s passion for the children at Mangere Bridge Kindergarten and how he challenges their magical minds.