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Session 28

by Helen Withy

This term, I decided to teach ‘Information Narratives’ in my writing programme. This genre is a step on from ‘narrative’ writing and is an effective way of....Read more


Session 27

by Helen Withy

Here’s a nice class-based activity to start the year surrounding feelings....Read more


Session 26: Problem solving in mathematics

by Helen Withy

What do you have to think about to solve a problem in a small group?....Read more


Why am I a teacher?

by Kristen Stevenson

Let’s start at the beginning. What feels like a very long time ago (but is in fact only about 20 years), I was an unemployed teenager....Read more



by Helen Withy

An inclusive classroom is one that values the contributions of all students, their families/whānau, and communities....Read more


What It Means to Work as a Team

by Grace Gaffeney

At university you learn all about taking on the role of a teacher – documenting learning, being a life-long learner, building relationships with....Read more


Providing for mathematically gifted students

by Helen Withy

At the end of Term 3 I attended a workshop by Dr Kate Neiderer of Cognition, on Providing for Mathematically Gifted and Talented Students. I’ve put together a powerpoint of some key points....Read more



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