You may recognise Steve Broad's face from the television show X Factor. To most of us he is known as a talented singer, but for many young people at Southland Boy's High School, he is more than that. He is their teacher, Mr Broad.

Steve is extremely passionate about ensuring his students are not afraid to ask questions, to think critically and engage in discussion. 

His passion stems back to a special moment when he was a student at the University of Auckland. A law lecturer challenged him on the importance of educating himself on the world around him, on being an active and engaged learner, to be sceptical and critical and most importantly to create discussion because that is the power to change.

This year, Steve has taken some hard earned leave from Southland Boys' High School while the dust of X Factor fame settles, but he continues to stay connected to his students as a relief teacher and through his social media networks.



Why Steve loves teaching

Find out what inspires X Factor contestant Steve Broad to teach and why he encourages others to explore the endless possibilities of life.

Steve Broad - Teacher and XFactor contestant
Steve's teacher moment

Find out how Steve's inspiring teacher moment stems back to his time as a student at the University of Auckland.

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