During the 26 years that Raenette has been teaching, she has developed a keen interest in helping children with complex learning difficulties. The interest has developed partly because of her ongoing student success stories, including a young girl who entered her class mute and later ended up taking part in a speech competition, and partly because of the growing number of New Zealand children who have learning needs.

This year, Raenette graduated with a masters degree in education in which she investigated the impact that the Holyoake Institute’s DRUMBEAT (a hand-drumming programme that promotes social interaction skills) has on children that exhibit challenging behaviour as a result of complex learning needs. Raenette is deeply passionate about the Australian-based programme and would like to play a role in promoting it in schools around New Zealand. In addition to DRUMBEAT, she also has a unique teaching style of learning in 15-minute chunks to allow students to taste success. It’s just one of her many teaching strategies worth sharing.  



Why Raenette loves teaching

Find out what inspires Raenette, and the key findings of her Masters research.

#My Teacher Moment

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