Jessica Weller has been teaching for 5 years and although she has experienced many incredible moments throughout her career, there is one in particular she will never forget. 

Jess had just completed her first practicum at a primary school while studying at the Faculty of Education. She left that school with a burning desire to save the world - to save all of the children's worlds.

She told her lecturer, "I really want to save the world" and he replied, "you can’t save the world, but you can save someone’s world".

Since that day, Jess has changed many lives including her own. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dealing with such a devastating illness caused Jess to take her career in a different direction, but still within education. She has teamed up with cancer societies and charities to help educate young women and men about breast cancer.

“Becoming a teacher was the best career choice I made. The transferrable skills you learn in this profession are invaluable and assist you in so many other areas of life. Communication, compassion, understanding and patience are all qualities that have developed within me since I became a teacher and was diagnosed. Now that I am educating young people and connecting with those who have cancer these are the qualities that help me inform and educate as many people as I can in an appropriate way."


Jessica Weller - Teacher
Why Jessica loves teaching

Find out how teaching helped Jessica get through some of the biggest challenges in her life, including breast cancer.

Jessica Weller
Jessica's teacher moment

Find out how teaching helped Jessica realise she cannot save the world, but she can save someone's world.

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