Amazing teachers

Discover teachers who are helping to shape the lives of thousands. Watch their inspirational videos, learn about their background, their careers and what inspires them to teach New Zealand's youth.

Jessica Weller - Teacher
Jessica Weller

Find out how teaching helped Jessica realise she cannot save the world, but she can save someone's world.

Ranee Prasad

Find out how Ranee is paying it forward after her own high school teacher encouraged her to become a teacher at Papatoetoe High School.

Daniel Lovatt

Discover Daniel’s passion for the children at Mangere Bridge Kindergarten and how he challenges their magical minds.



Tone Kolose

Meet an inspiring principal who is enabling the students at Manurewa South School to experience life outside of the school grounds.

Kineret Yardena

Join Kineret on a journey of creativity in a classroom that has no boundaries when it comes to innovation.

Raenette Taljaard

Learn how Raenette uses the beat of a drum to help children with complex learning difficulties at Elm Park School.

Meet the bloggers

  • Lucy Cowie

    Find out about the fun and engaging learning experiences that happen within Lucy's classroom.

  • Caitlin Richardson

    Find out how beginning teacher Caitlin is making a difference by helping one ‘starfish’ at a time.

  • Karen Belt

    As a teacher in the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy, Karen is piloting the use of iPads as 1:1 devices in a Year 0 and 1 class. Follow their development here.

  • Helen Withy

    Gain insight into a classroom through the lens of a beginning teacher who left a career in the corporate world to follow her passion of teaching.

  • Kamini Kamdar

    Discover how Ms Kamini engages kindegarten students through visual arts and why she believe art is a safe place for all students.