A teacher and so much more

Discover the many and varied roles of teachers

An early childhood student teacher sitting on the edge of a sandpit

A teacher is someone who has the potential to inspire children to learn and make a difference in their lives. The role of a teacher is interesting and varied with each day presenting new challenges and opportunities.

Discover some of the many roles teachers play right here.


Teachers are leaders

Leaders of learning. Teachers encourage students to ask questions and make inquiries into their learning. They empower students to discover, create, imagine and discover a love for learning.


Teachers are organisers

They plan for learning, the plan for play, they plan trips outside the classroom so that students don’t just see and hear about things in the classroom. They provide experiences for children where the can touch, talk, see and experience reality to help them understand their place in the world.


Teachers are mentors

They guide their students in learning and help them to make choices throughout their education. They help students stay on track by setting them on a pathway to achieve their goals and realise their potential.


Teachers are collaborators

Teachers engage with each other constantly – formally and informally – to discuss learning, new initiatives and implement changes in schools and early childhood centres to improve learning for students.


Teachers are creatives

Teachers invent and create new opportunities and work with students to develop their learning. They can take a concept and shape learning opportunities that are unique, engaging, dynamic and grabs students’ attention in a way that makes them want to keep coming back for more.


Teachers are carers

They go the extra mile to ensure that every student is successful, no matter what. A teacher understands the personalities, interests and needs of each child and makes the learning relevant for each individual.


Teachers are innovators

They work to continually improve and grow themselves as teachers and their students. Teachers are resourceful, adaptive and continually refine their work to improve learning and experiences for the children they teach.